There was a time that CM told me to set the Router Speed

There was a time that CM told me to set the Router Speed. I have not had the pop up for quite some time. Fingered it was a glitch.

I think I have everything set correctly.

I think having the bitsetter enabled disables that prompt.

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Are you talikig about setting spindle speeds? You can do this with each tool. This is the standard free software that I just downloaded.

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Having the BitRunner enabled prevents the speed prompt from showing up, since it’s part of the on/off dialog.

If you disable the BitRunner in Carbide Motion, then you should get the on/off prompts again which include speed settings, and the BitRunner will still turn things on/off — it’s only the prompts which are disabled by that option.

I just set up my BitRunner jobs so that all the tools use the same dial setting.


Thank You all.

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