Thinking about selling my S3d late 2016 model

love it but i Need the money so im thinking about selling it

its a s3d late 2016 its the small one
I have a spindle its a china one

12000 max rpm
comes with alot of collets

and like 3 v bits 90d and 120d

i have some carbide bits too
has homing swich
iput some holes in the board to clamp stuff down

I just want to know if any one is interested In the nyc area

Well that will be unfortunate if you have to sell it.
What size spindle motor and is it mounted and running? Does it have a VFD inverter.

that is the spindle and yes it is mounted on
i made 4 new holes on the z axis plate so the mount fits

VFD inverter no but it dose have a nob for speed control and
i may have lost some collects so ya