Thinking of getting one of these

Did anyone use one of these with a Shapeoko?

I just came across this video yesterday.
What kind of work do you do with the SO3?
You have a spindle that can hold the three quarter shank?

With the machine? Yes. If you can mount it (I don’t think the shaft diameter matches up with typical trim router collet sizes) — you’d need to be using a larger spindle or manufacture a mount.

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I have a 3/4" collet that can handle the shaft diameter.


@WillAdams I purchased the ER32 a few weeks ago. It came with an extension rod. Do you agree with me that the Haimer 3D sensor should fit in that extension?

0.75 inches == 19.05mm so the 19mm collet ought to fit (this matching is why 3/4" is used internationally as a nut size for certain applications — either an SAE or metric wrench will fit)

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