This doesn't seem normal router FIRE

Working on a project today and heard something funny coming from my Shapeoko. I normally set it and forget it, but this is making me think that’s not a good idea.

Nice picture, yeppers that doesns’t look like it wants to keep running your job :face_with_peeking_eye:

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The smoke in this picture is a lot less than when I came into the room. I immediately unplugged everything. Electrical fires are no fun.

By the time I grabbed my camera the smoke was greatly reduced.

NEVER leave your cnc unattended. Stay in ear shot. You dont want to be homeless for Christmas.


Yes. I am always within earshot. For sure.

This was a close call. Definitely had a small fire going on in the spindle.
Upon cleaning everything up I found some melted metal balls on the wasteboard which was covered in wood chips.
I do keep a fire extinguisher handy.

I bet that smelled real nice

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How many hours on it? When the brushes get really worn down they can start sparking more because of the gap, generating a lot more heat. Had that happen on a rotary impact drill, got so hot it melted the internal housing and had to trash it.


IDK the number of hours.
I use it off and on depending on what’s going on. I am a hobbyist, so it mostly just sits there.

Maybe one or two projects per month. Many months have had zero projects.

@WillAdams @Luke

I am super impressed!

I sent an email to support regarding this issue and you guys really went above and beyond my expectations!

Thank you.



I had the same thing happen. Router just didn’t sound right. I left to run in the house no more than 5 min. when I came back the stepper motors were still moving but the router stopped turning. No need to say the work piece was messed up bad. Brushes went out, not a major but could have been much worse. I no longer leave when a project is running.


This goes triple double for a laser! I was in the same room (on the phone) and didn’t notice this until it was too late. Could have been much worse.


Wall art… I was going to put my broken bits on the wall but, well you know, I got more than I have wall space


I can smell that from here! Hope nothing else was damaged…

what laser module was this and what do you think caused the failure?

Had nothing to do with the laser. I was the problem. I was test burning cork over rubber and the rubber caught on fire because I was burning the crap out of it.


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