This weeks project - Tap Jig

This is a tool I designed over the weekend and cut today. Its an alignment jig designed to fit my wallet blanks. After free-hand tapping several holes and spoiling a few, I created this to keep the tap vertical and centered on the target holes.

Open with a wallet blank inserted:


Of course UPS just called about my M2 threadmill so this might be obsolete.


It never hurts to have a jig. Sometimes the work is too big to bring to the machine so you go to the work.

If it is practical when tapping wood champher the hole so the tap is already started and you will get better results. With the slight taper the tap is guided into the hole and helps you get a cleaner start to the tapping process. Also a little bit of beeswax on the tap helps. The beeswax also works on putting screws into 2x4 material or into plywood. The beeswax helps you not strip the Phillips heads of screws while driving into hard woods. Now a days I mostly buy T20 head screws whenever possible so the Phillips heads are irrelevant to me.


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