Thoughts on machining water cooling blocks?

I’ve been putting off water cooling my PC for quite a while half because I’m lazy and half because finding water cooling blocks is a tad troublesome.

A water cooling block is basically just a machined piece of metal with something sandwiched on top of it to keep the water from leaking though so surely I can make one on my Nomad?

Does anyone have any preliminary thoughts? I’m guessing I’d want a machineable copper alloy with channels that are as narrow as I can manage while still letting water flow though, so I’ll need a very delicate endmill.

Has anyone here done this?


I can’t recall if he’s on the forums, but Savant PCS on instagram does stuff similar to this. Might be worth taking a look at his feed.

Not sure that you need to make the entire housing out of copper. I’ve seen plenty of banks that are acrylic, and you could likely just toss a few heat sinks in acrylic to pull out some of the heat. Not an expert on that topic though. Also aluminium would be a good option here as well since it’s pretty good thermal conductor (and cheaper!).
On the topic of machining copper, Winston did a helpful video that should be a good spot for feeds/speeds.

The 2mm single flut might be a great option for milling things out.

I wasn’t a fan of the idea of Aluminium but after seeing the price for copper, I might have changed my mind… Around here a small 50x20x100mm bar of CW004A copper is ~$27.

But that thermal conductivity is really appealing…

It’s a fun and interesting project you are proposing and it can be done!

But are you willing to risk the possibility of destroying your pc rig for a minor gain when a Noctua NH-D14 will keep anything cool and stay almost silent, never leak, or need to be flushed. I put a Noctua NH-D15 in my rig and you couldn’t pay me to swap to liquid. It is a massive cooler though but I love it.

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Air cooling isn’t viable for my machine. I want it to be quiet, so I need large radiators through which I can pass relatively slow air.

The risks are negligible as long as you’re careful.

I look forward to seeing how you go about this and look forward to seeing how it comes out.

Are you liquid cooling your GPU as well or are you using on board graphics?

The GPU is my primary target since I already have water cooling for the CPU but I might start with the CPU first since it looks much simpler.

Calling @Savant_PCs :slight_smile:

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Yeah then get really fancy and start nickel plating them yourself, lol


Man, where have you been ? It was so cool to have a PC modder in the community, please come back and show us your latest creations ? :slight_smile:


That’s what Instagram is for!

I know, but I’m old fashioned, I don’t do social networks (much). It’s difficult enough to keep up to date with what you guys are posting on the forum, if I have to check Instagram and FB too, I’ll end up spending NO time on my machine :slight_smile:


Heh, I haven’t done any electroplating since high school :slight_smile:

Here is the last one I did. I made that little distro block on the far left on my Shapeoko :smiley: