Thoughts on milling MDF

I created a file to cut out some folding wine tables that I make. Before using my good hardwoods, I wanted to test it out on some MDF, to make sure I got all the measurements right. Twice, I got about half way through the milling and my machine starts flaking out.

The X-axis seems to be the only one affected. But it’s as if something momentarily obstructs the x-axis and it “skips”. This then throws the entire thing off. The second time, it seemed to be locked in one spot while trying to continue moving. Both times I stopped the machine, turned it off so I could free move it, and then worked it out of whatever was going on. Once I had it moving as it should, I turned it back on and initialized. It only did this with this file. Both times at different spots in the milling.

Milling MDF throws a LOT of dust. Could the dust be causing an issue? (I don’t use a vacuum - although maybe I should). Or is something wrong with my file?

MDF will suck the oil off of a linear rail, and worse still, can migrate through the wipers and into the linear blocks — the X-axis is the most vulnerable to this — do your machine (and yourself!) a favour and set up dust collection, clean everything off, and lubricate. See:

and the video:

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Oof. This is good to know. I have made a few small things for my French cleat wall (a screwdriver holder and a chisel holder) and the two attempts at my wine table tops (both are 16" x 12"). All were 3/4" MDF. Given this, are you suggesting I should go through maintenance you suggested before milling anything else?
Thanks for the reply and video btw.

Yes. Hopefully getting the oil in sooner rather than later will help to flush out any gunk which might have gotten in.