Threaded aluminum table

Just out of curiosity, does the threaded aluminum table for the Shapeoko 3 ship out of IL like the rest of the Shapeoko gear?

Also, are they stocked or made to order in batches?

Wondering if I ordered one, how long it may take to arrive.

They are made in SoCal, so they ship from California, and yes they are stocked. (but sometimes they also run out of stock).

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Okay, I’m tempted.

Had a very frustrating experience today. Decided I wanted some threaded holes in my current board and figured I’d use some pegboard to keep the holes square.

Turns out the holes in the pegboard I purchased aren’t square. I never thought to check, just figuring that whatever machines press the stuff would have pins nearly perfectly square.

So after screwing-up that one, I ended-up making a new board and ended up making a drilling guide and using a bushing. I just kept adding 4" wide spacers and moving the bushing block back until I had all my holes drilled.

Not perfect, but good enough for now.

Maybe with father’s day around the corner, the fam will be interested in getting me the aluminum table. I kinda doubt it, but I can hope.

The aluminum table is a pricey thing — it may be more affordable to just buy a sheet locally and then machine it yourself.

I do show bootstrapping a plastic table at: — you should be able to apply the same principles to aluminum.

I’ve made a t-track table using an HDPE board that I had slotted on a big commercial router and aluminum t-track:

The images and such are in this thread: Waste table thoughts - #5 by UnionNine

It’s a considerably cheaper way to go and gives more z-depth to fit your fixturing setup and sacrificial material into, as well as helping hold the machine square & with less vibration since the board is pretty hefty.

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Thanks Jonathan. Note that I’m the guy that said “nice work” in that other thread.

I will ponder this as I evaluate what I want in a table.

I like the aluminum a lot. But I have my existing table and the jigs I’m placing on it very flat already. So the aluminum would be nice but I question whether I should be saving that money for a second machine (an XXL).

Very Cool! Nice and Clean Looking. I like that vice.