Threaded table files?

Is there anyone out there that would mind sharing a their file for the inserts? I have the standard 16x16 shapeoko 3.

Here’s what I worked up for my SO3: (before an XL upgrade)


Does anybody have a file for the XL?

Winston Moe (@wmoy ) does.

Let’s all ask him for a copy.

I didn’t do threaded inserts, but did draw up my XL wasteboard and posted it to:

(Instead I did T-track: )

Dang it, Rich. Can’t hide anything from you…

I posted my files to my site, along with a list of considerations/disclaimers. If you want to use different inserts, just export your own DXF from the F360 project file linked.


Thanks Winston (@wmoy, but that’s the problem with having an Eidetic memory.

For those of you who do not have Fusion 360 OR don’t know how to use it, here is the setup information you will need to successfully run this NC program:

(Placed appropriately on the XL MDF board, See his web site for additional pictures and information)

  1. Board size: 16" x 32"
  2. X0 Y0 location is 1.0" away from the bottom and left edge.
  3. Z0 is the top of the board

See Sketch

To clarify, X0 Y0 in the file is the location of the lower left hole. The wasteboard volume you see in the F360 previews is not to scale w.r.t. the actual S3XL wasteboard.

See here as reference for where to zero your machine before running:


Awesome!!! Should I assume that the depths are set to work with the thickness of the factory XL waste board?

Please read his (Winston) article. He talks about the depth.

Ref: Cross straps

Got it. Thank you for your help.

I made a Fusion 360 file out of the waste board with the screw holes for the Shapeoko XL/XXL frame.

Feel free to reference or use as a template. Feedback is welcome!

And here is a threaded version of the template. I used the hole dimensions from Winston’s Fusion 360 file.

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This was one of the first issues I had to overcome when I got my SO3, I saw winston’s videos and copied the idea (imitation being the sincerest form of flattery). I have created both a PDF (export from solidworks drw), a dxf (importable directly into Carbide Create, and I started a C2D that showed how I did the toolpaths.

Copy, modify, etc. Use it as you need it!


So I am a total newb here. I am looking to make a threaded wasteboard for the 3 xl. any files or recommendations? I thought I saw a file for it on here as well as some nice clamps someone did.

thanks in advance!!!

Threaded inserts: Shapeoko CNC Router, Rigid, Accurate, Reliable, and Affordable

For clamps: Hold Down Clamps - Carbide 3D

I’ve seen lots of files for the SO3 in various sizes, but not specifically for the Pro. I’ve looked at CutRocket as well. I have the Pro XXL.
I’d like to upgrade my table to a vacuum system, as I’m primarily cutting sheets of foam and I don’t want to waste tape and spray adhesive every time I have to make a sheet change.