Threaded Wasteboard Design

I decided to make my own threaded insert wasteboard (1/2" thick with 41x5mm inserts). I like the community one as well as the Carbide one but I would prefer to be able to clamp directly to the wasteboard rather than have to have a separate wasteboard to work with the others. Thoughts? I had considered building a few more to sell on my site if there was any interest. I will also be designing some clamps to go along with it.

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VERY cool pattern!

but depending on the types of clamps you are using, you might be sacrificing efficiency and cost?

iā€™m no expert at CNC, but have been using t-slots for years in both my wood and metal shops.

my shop t-slot clamps easily reach 3-4 inches, so i went with this on my SO3:

I did something similar for my SO3, but since it has a larger bed, spaced the hole pattern on phi.