Threaded wasteboards for XLs and XXLs

We have a tutorial on making a threaded wasteboard, and a sample file at:

For folks who have larger machines, here’s how you expand that file.


Start by downloading and unzipping the archive:

Then open the file: standard_wasteboard_with_spacers.c2d in Carbide Create and set the stock size to match your machine, then:

  • select all of the holes
  • duplicate them using control (or command) c
  • drag the duplicated copy into alignment with the original
  • click on the background to clear the selection
  • select the redundant holes (control click to add items to the selection)
  • delete

repeat the above as needed and adjust as necessary

While we recommend folks work through the above steps themselves, completed (unadjusted) versions of the files are attached:

XL_wasteboard_with_spacers.c2d (47.1 KB)
XXL_wasteboard_with_spacers.c2d (83.4 KB)

An alternative technique would be to just cut in sections — use the original file as set up to cut from the front left corner, then shift over by 16" and cut it again, then for an XXL, repeat offsetting from the back corners.