Tiled Herringbone pattern

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I’m attempting to do a tiling project with Carbide Create. Is it even possible with this software? I’m attempting to put this herringbone effect on a 22.5”x40.5” board. Any advice or do I just need to buy a more powerful software? If that’s the case, what recommendations for software?

You’ll likely want to contour (Profile) each line, so I would make them separate open vectors. With copied closed vectors some of the lines will get cut more than once.

Start with a pattern that will repeat. Set the grid size to 1.5"

This pattern will repeat verically every 3". But we only need to cut a little more than half the stock.
So Create your split line at a multiple of 3", just bigger than half the stock

Use Linear Array to copy the pattern

Trim the lines hanging out of the cut area


Now create a Contour / No Offset path to cut the lines.

Move your stock the same multiple of 3… 21" and cut the same path again

You’ll cut a little air at the top of the project.


I totally forgot about the newer array tools in CC. Would have helped a little on the last project with chevrons. Haha! Great write up, Tod.

I have seen posts with the use of positioning pins. That may help with this project.
I have never utilized pins before so I can’t help any more than just a suggestion.

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