Tiling w carbide 3d horizontally

So I have been able to successfully use my shapeoko 3 xxl to tile longer projects by shifting the workpiece from left to right from the center point. My waste board has been leveled down enough and my material is usually no thicker than 1/2" so it’s been able to fit under the x axis rails without colliding with the gantry.

I have been getting used to doing it this way and find it very convenient that I’m able to cut as I have it in carbide 3d and slide long pieces from left to right as opposed to the other direction… I noticed the new shapeoko doesn’t seem to have as big as a gap from the x axis to the spoil board and looks doubtful I’d be able to pull it off with that model.

I’m trying to visualize how I would tile longer pieces using the shapeoko 4 and the carbide 3d software. Is there a simple function within the software that would allow me to rotate the file 90 degrees so I can tile in the other direction? Does anyone else tile larger projects in a similar way or am I the odd one out doing it this way?

Carbide Create has a rotate feature:

Correct, the SO4 and Pro don’t have sufficient distance between the T-track and the rails for tiling.

thanks, am I pretty much out of luck if I want to rotate the whole workpiece with all my vectors staying in the same place?

Select everything — it should all then rotate preserving the relationships of everything.

The problem i’m running into is rotating the entire workpiece with the vectors in it. Here is a simplified example of what i’m running into, i go from this:

when i change tthe workpiece dimensions to tile in the horizontal direction all my vectors do not rotate along with the workpiece and ends up like this:

I guess i’m looking for a function to select all (including the stock) and rotate together. that way i wont have the headache of trying to create a job sideways

You’ll need to manually go into Job Setup and transpose the dimensions for Width and Height.

what i illustrated above is what happens when i manually transpose the dimension for width and height - only problem is i loose all the positioning of the vectors that I originally placed.

Draw a rectangle the same size as the stock and center it on the stock, change the stock size, select and group everything, rotate it, align it on the stock.


Ha! Genius. The simplest solutions are the best! thanks