Time for dust collection

Hi All,
It is time for me to integrate dust collection into my workspace.
I have put a similar question out there and have received very helpful information.
My plan is to connect my SO3 enclosure to a clear rigid pipe that would be shared with 2-3 other dust making power tools (small disk-belt combo, Nomad 883) and possibly a laser cutter and sanding table. These will feed into a Dust Deputy with a Fein Turbo 2 (?) using the felt filter bag (I will need to check exactly which micron type)
So far, from what I can gather, there are several useful parts that can be ordered, even kits.
From what I can tell there are many ways to go about designing and implementing this additional health and safety measure.
The distance of the hose to the vacuum should be under 10 feet, more than half will be clear rigid pipe. My understanding is that Flex hose should attach to adaptors and then blast gates at each power tool, which are branches on a 4" diameter rigid pipe, but maybe using standard 2.5"D pipe would be easier to manage? I use one device at a time
Are blast gates very critical or is a quick disconnect better for flexibility since my worktable is 4’x8’ and I tend to move power tools on and off of it as needed, except for the laser cutter, it stays.
The Fein has a OD 1 5/8"D hose. (edited: just had a chance to measure)
Any advice will be very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

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Here’s my Fein + Dust Deputy combo:

I wouldn’t go any bigger than 2 or 2 1/2" on plumbing, less transitions between sizes the better and the Fein has a pretty small hose. My set up works great, think I used 2" PVC? I have a separate proper dust collector for my other shop tools, so I can’t comment on how my XXL setup would tie into those.


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I run my dust collection with a Festool CT Midi to a dust deputy and recently added ducting for a second shapeoko 3 using the Woodcraft 2 1/2" Dust Collection Network. You may only be able to operate one machine at a time, and check into a HEPA filter. HEPA is one reason I chose Festool over Fein, splitting hairs on either one with HEPA filtration.

I would not recommend anything larger than 2 1/2" network with a shop vac or small dust extractor.


The dust collection system that I dream about… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1JWH425o7c

If you’re willing to spend $$, https://ivacswitch.com/ might be worth checking

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The ivacswitch website has a lot of electronics (multi plug breaker etc.) that I might be interested in.

I have been using this for a while:

I found this setup:

And ordered it. It seems to have a little more than I “THINK” I will need for now. Although, there are some interesting parts on the website which I might also add to this setup:

I have a sheet of peg board that I could use to make a sanding table with down draft and filtering quite easily with this.

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Now this is a dust collector to drool over!


And its reveiw here:


A bit over the top for most of us especially the price but interesting never-the-less.

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I love that IOT power relay (and they’re cheap) - also works great to control a spindle.

I hadn’t noticed that. Can you explain more about that, please? Thanks in advance.

You can hook up the side input on the IOT relay to the PWM output of the control board, plug the router into the appropriate outlet, then the spindle control from gcode works. It’ll turn on at the beginning of a program, turn off at the end.

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By golly, you’ve just informed me of a missing link!!
I think I might need to get up to speed on gcode.
It would be nice to have an advanced tab within CM that allows one to customize the app a bit more to be able to do cool stuff like what you mentioned.

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Turns out you don’t need to - pretty much every gcode generator puts in the spindle on/off commands already.

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Good to know. To utilize that command, and let’s say that I’m using Fusion 360 CAM to create the gcode, where would that command go, could it be automated, would CM make use of it? Lastly, if the gcode to start the spindle was sent also to the Nomad 883 would it have any issues with that command or would it be ignored? Sorry, still learning.

Fusion360 will already put it in there, it’s normal practice for the postprocessor to put it in. On the nomad, this is the command that actually turns the spindle on after the tool change.

So that gcode is ignored by CM, because the default setup doesn’t control the spindle?
If so, then that makes sense for basic CNC milling with the Shapeoko.
I appreciate the info.

No. It’s sent. CM doesn’t do anything with it. The GRBL running at the machine flips the appropriate IO to turn the spindle on at the right speed…but there’s nothing connected there so nothing happens. You can hook up that output to the input on the IOT box, and it will turn the IOT box on and off. Plug your router into that, and you have spindle on/off (but not speed) control. How to do that hookup is covered elsewhere here on the boards. CM intervenes on “T” commands (tool selection) and a few others, but for the most part just sends the file through to the machine.