Time for spindle to reach Z-Axis Zero question

I have the Nomad 883 Pro and absolutely love this machine. It runs almost every day without problems. I do have a question that I was wondering if anyone in the community might know the answer to.

When starting a job, it can sometimes take literally minutes for the spindle to reach the starting point. It spins up right away, finds the X-Y coordinates quickly, and then just drops EVER SO SLOOWLY down the workpiece. Since I am cutting very thin sheets, its really seems to take a long time to get there. It appears to be dropping at the actual plunge rate, but I cannot be sure about that.

When jogging, you can rapidly move to the previous X-Y-Z+6mm point quickly. But once the job starts, you have to wait on the spindle to decend at its own glacial pace. More of a minor annoyance than an actual problem, but has anyone figured out how to get the Nomad 883 Pro spindle to move closer to the work prior to starting a new job?

Thanks all !!

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This was just discussed — I believe the consensus was that it would be nice for the software to rapid move down to safety height, and then do the slow plunge, and that until that was changed one could get at the plain text version of the G-code and hand-edit it to get this desired behavior.


I have the same problem! Where to find this discussion?

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