Time remaining in Carbide Motion

It would be great if you could display both percentage complete and estimated time left (or toggle between them).

Agree! I tried downloading Camotics to see how long a job would take, but it doesn’t seem to be able to open either of the files that Carbide Create generates (.c2d or .egc). I would think a program making a tool path should be able to estimate how long it will take?


Open the file in Carbide Motion, click the name, a page pops up showing the g-code and allowing you to copy it. Do so. Now paste that into a text document, save it with the “.nc” extension, and open in CAMotics.

Thanks. That worked. CAMotics estimated 2 hours, which I think was longer than it actually took, but was helpful to have a ballpark. (I’m new to this, so didn’t know if 30 minutes or 6 hours was more likely!)