Timeline for buying the HDZ?

Is there an estimated timeline for when we will be able to purchase the HDZ or anything else that Mr Beaver used to sell?


Hi Alex

We don’t have a timeline so to speak, but are working on bringing things over asap. It’s pretty high up on our agenda.

Currently we have HDZ’s in production but need to sort out all the bits that go around it such as packaging and full CM support.

Bear with us, we’re hoping it won’t be long.


My finger in hovering to buy the aluminum to try to make a Z upgrade myself, but I’m trying to hold out for the HDZ. Is it clear enough that it’ll be a matter of days, months, years?

For the HDZ it should be a matter of days.


*in Valve Time (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time)


Does this now mean i will have to order it from the USA instead of UK now?

Damm postage is killing us brits!

I’m afraid so :frowning:

On a side note we’re getting very close to launching. If anyone is looking for a HDZ sooner rather than later drop me an email on luke@carbide3d.com - We will see what we can do :slight_smile:


email sent.

these are filler words because the forum message must be at leas

Carbide should take advantage of your location and serve the European market for all products from where you are but with Brexit… maybe it would not work so well.


I wouldn’t be surprised if MrBeaver loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly, Hills that is… swimming pools & movie stars

And movie star’s swimming pools

It’s something we are looking at on a small scale, but I’ve been brought on to develop rather than distribute.

@KalebIsrael - thanks email noted

@wb9tpg never say never, although the thought of packing up my workshop is daunting…

Please tell me they’ll be blue! Or at least Carbide3d green

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It’d be super awesome if it was still blue. I could go for red as well!

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They will still be blue for the while, although I’m not sure for how long…

I’m so keen to have one on my machine… I’ve just had a few unexpected costs that have been roadblocking me… Soon I hope…

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