Tips and tricks for Carbide Create

There have been a couple of instances of folks asking for things in CC which are already present.

To that end, this thread will be a collection of tips and tricks and shortcuts.


First, some literal shortcuts:

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Second, to preview fonts:

  • set some text
  • position the cursor over the font selection dialog box
  • use the scroll wheel to scroll through the fonts
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CC allows one to start an operation at the bottom of a previous pocket — just enter the desired depth into Toolpath | Cutting Depth | Start Depth

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One can nudge a selection by the current grid dimension using the arrow keys — shift arrow will reduce that to 1/10th that dimension.

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I have done that @WillAdams but…
on MOST drop-down menus I can type the first letter and the menu goes to all that match the first letter. For the folks in Washington, typing a “W” at a drop-down list is a lot easier than scroll, scroll, scroll…
My 2¢

@WillAdams That scrolling-the-font tip is going to save me a ton of time, you don’t want to know how I have been previewing fonts before this tip!! LOL

Excellent tip!!

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