Tips for 3d contouring on the shapeoko?

(Scott Dix) #1

Howdy guys and gals! Now that CCPro has 3d contouring and modeling, do any of you more seasoned cnc gurus have any go-to tips for roughing and finishing? Coming from a hammer swinging background, I have been flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to machining(especially beyond “2.5d”) and any tips specific to 3d contouring would help tremendously.

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(Scott Dix) #2

i guess i jumped the gun…


(Michael) #3

Biggest thing I would say is to decrease stepover to make lines smoother while 3D contouring. On finishing pass.

Use Ball nose end mills,

I found that CC presently will plunge to full depth of cut so use 1/4 or 1/8 ball nose endmill to start off then switch to smaller bit and decerase stepover for finishing the fine details.

I wouldn’t put a ton of time into the files right now as Rob stated that whole area of code could completely change very soon.

I would just play around with some simple stuff to get a feel of it and see what each function changes.

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(Scott Dix) #4

Thanks for chiming in. I was looking for simple go-to’s like you shared!

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(James H. Miller) #5

I would use straight flute/flat endmill for the roughing passes. They do a better job of cutting the majority of the material away. I have been using a 1/8" flat cutter to rough, and leaving 0.02" to finish up with a 1/16 ball end.
Just my $0.02 :smiley:


(Michael) #6

Yes, you are correct. With an roughing toolpath and finishing toolpath set. But currently we cannot do this in CC. I think Rob mentioned that they were working on this,

Have you done this with CC/CM? Or just an external CAD/CAM

Not sure how CC will currently deal with that as
I’ve only done the one test cut with Carbide Create doing any 3d contours,

Was my recommendation for current machine operations with CC.


(James H. Miller) #7

Sorry, this is my setup in Fusion 360. I’m still really new to the Shapeoko and CC. My experience is more of the industrial sort, so Fusion fits me fairly well.
I’m excited for the future of CC pro though, as Fusion just doesn’t have the design capabilities for relief type work.

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