Tips for disassembling for moving

I will be moving and packing my shapeoko in a uhaul.

I want to do some minimal disassembly so I can get back up and running.

Any tips on the order you would approach the disassembly and how far you would go?

The ideal of course would be to disassemble and repack into the original boxes.

Some folks have instead just removed the carriage and packed that up, and the gantry and wrapped that up and secured it safely.

The concern when shipping is that a sudden jolt will break the V wheels and then a bolt or other hardware will damage the rails — zip tieing everything into a corner so that nothing can move and packing everything with foam might work (it’s what we do when shipping the Nomad) but is not recommended.

Regardless, once you’re safely at your destination, let us know if there’s anything you need and we’ll do our best to work with you to get your machine moving again (power supplies are a frequent casualty of moving).

having recently moved (but only a mile and a half)
I used really good ductape to make sure nothing moves and took the obvious things off
(router, aluminum base plate)

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