Tips for Mounting an 8x8" Piece of Aluminum on Top of Nomad's Bed?

Planning to put a new Nomad bed on top of the one that comes with it by default. Planning to do a spin off of one of these:

I’ve ordered a couple 1/2inch, 8x8" piece of highly machinable aluminum plates that I plan to mount on top of the current one. The problem is, I’m not sure how I’ll be mounting this. Nitto tape has been hit/miss in terms of how rigidly it’s held some of my parts together. I’ve seen some machine wax strips that Nomad offers, but those look like they’re sold out.

Any tips for me given the part I’m trying to make?

Since the holes don’t matter that much, my inclination would be to start by making a template and drilling four countersunk holes at the corners first to match how the threaded bed is screwed in place, then fasten it down, tram it and mill the balance of the holes.


Super helpful, will plan on doing this then. Thank you!

That’s how I do it with the custom MIC6 cast aluminum tooling/fixture plates I make on my Nomad. I have the High Tech Systems sea-of-holes as my base plate but this will work with the standard Nomad aluminum spoil board too.
See for a photo example of how I mount mine. I use double sided Permacel tape to hold down the MIC6 plate while machining the 4 counterbored holes in the corners. Then I remove the tape and bolt the plate down to the High Tech board using M6 fasteners. This works well and allows for subsequent precise machining and threading of holes anywhere you need them in the tooling plate.

–thanks, Eddie
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@vector29, how are you threading your holes? Manually (if so, how), or with the Nomad (also, if so, how)? Thanks!

I use the Nomad and a single form threadmill to make the threads via CNC. I use a Fusion 360 ‘Threads’ op (under the 2D menu in F360 CAM).


Do you feel you can recommend a particular threadmill? (never used one on my Nomad)

I have had good luck with Lakeshore Carbide single profile (single form) threadmills found here:


Awesome–thanks so much for the lead!

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