Tips/help with two-tone HDPE

So I’ve had a pack of this sitting in my garage

I’d really like to make a small sign for “Deliveries side door”.

With my typical F360 efforts, I’m using engrave. The issue is that the top white layer is ~1.5mm thick, so I need to ensure I get below that. The engrave is only hitting 0.8mm deep.

I can keep making the text fatter I guess and that’s it? Or perhaps I need a sharper angled V-bit that will get deeper?

Can you use a flat endmill?

If I get the letter big enough, then that’s another strategy I was thinking of. Flat or ball? Could go for 1/8". But I’ll lose some details in the corners, not a huge deal.

I don’t think a V Carving style operation is what you want here, because the color revealed will be very narrow no matter what bit you use. Also, the arrow is going to blow right through the material.

For the arrow, do you want an outline or solid color? For the first, I’d use an endmill the size of the line you want and do a contour of the outline, other wise just pocket the whole thing.

For the lettering, such a simple font would probably look fine if you pocket it with a sufficiently small mill.

Or, switch to a CNC font designed for contour operations. Here’s the results of a font using an endmill with a contour (not pocket) operation:

This is oddly named " Zniko SLSV GinOT 8" font, available here:

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Nice font! That font with a trace operation might work and a very steep ballnose,

With 1/8", it’s not great.

And 1/16" is getting preeeety tiny to be legible.

The arrow won’t be great, but yeah it leaves a bit to be desired. It only reaches 2.5mm deep with a v-carve. An advanced v-carve style op might work. I guess I can fake that in F360 maybe with a pocket an then a heavy chamfer.

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Know what, the arrow is fine with a pocket. 1/8" and then 1/16" is even more then enough.

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I use flat. A 1/16" will still cut easily and won’t take long for a sign that small.


Thanks for chiming in guys.

Didn’t even run the 1/16" op, felt this was good enough!

That’s a big win on the font!