To start Arabic tutorial , what do you think?

I’m planning to start Arabic videos tutorial on Shapeoko 3 and I would like to read suggestions here what the best points for start with , introduce Shapeoko in new language it’s my dream now ! so help me to start making my dreams come true with you all good suggestions as always :wink:
Thank you all


Maybe, start with @Julien 's book?

Edit: With @Julien 's permission of course!


It seems that gitbook supports language variants.

Now if only there was somebody who could translate it en français …


Indeed very good advice :+1:t3:

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I suppose to mention the original information source

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@Omar: nice idea, and a good opportunity for you to consolidate what you know about CNC and the Shapeoko in the process!

No problem. Everyone is free to use that resource within the limits of the (very permissive) license included in the first page of the ebook.

Yeah, if only… :slight_smile:

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Thank you dear and yes if I will start I will use only limited permissions and I will mention where to get the All and more resource From


A good place to start would be terminology — there’s a glossary which has been translated into a couple of languages:

Even if the wiki doesn’t support Arabic, we could put up a PDF.


Nice :+1:t3: That’s what I should start with

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