Today’s mystery part...what’s it gonna be?

(Griff ) #1

Just a little fun here today to start off the work week

(Luke) #2

Plywood handles???

(Leith) #3

tinder shavings? flux capacitor? drink holder?

(Griff ) #4

Hmmm, could be used for that I suppose. But, no.

Still working on the flux capacitor design, so, no.

It’s a (failed I’m afraid) design for a motor mount for a quad copter. Motor mounts too thin, split along the ply, was afraid of that. Got some other ideas…

(Leith) #5

you can buy them in NZ but unfortunately out of stock atm

(Dan Nelson) #6

A very tiny seesaw, I’m impressed, but where will you find such small people? My first guess was a ramp for Matchbox cars, but I think I’m wrong on that.

Side note: I got into quads like 7 years ago, then got out of quads about 5 years ago. I still have a few helicopters though. I’ve always wanted to marry the two, single motor, belt drive with adjustable pitch blades like a heli tail rotor. Actually why I bought my first 3D printer, but never got past the CAD version. Could never figure out where to send the motor torque.


(Griff ) #7

Funny, I started with quads when you quit, 5 years ago. I really enjoy designing and building. Then messing with GPS and autonomous flight.

Been thinking about helis since a neighbor gave me a Hirigo Tsurigi kit a while back. I’ll probably start with a Trex 450. Maybe. Someday. I like quads cause I can build from scratch.

(Dan Nelson) #8

I have a Trex 250, 450, 500 and a Gaui X3. I was really into it for several years. Had some family issues come up that derailed me and I never got back into it. I got into discus launch gliders about 3 years ago, then tore up my shoulder and had to give that up too. I still have a large collection of RC stuff, should probably sell it off before it isn’t worth a dime. I’ve even considered donating it all to a local club so kids can get some air time on the cheap.