Toddler rocker build

Heya! My adventures in children’s furniture continues!

Cut the main arms out on the XXL. They just fit within my machines limits. Used 1/2” Baltic birch, as I had a couple extra sheets after my last project. Slats are a mix of scrap hardwood and pine.

If anyone would like the Vcarve file, let me know!


Very Nice! I would have liked to see it in use.
Looking at it further this could be hung as an adult swing as well. :smile:

Hah, thanks, Eric! My daughter likes it flipped over so she can crawl over it, more than rocking in it. She’s figuring it out, though.

My original plan was to use 3/4” bb, but my stock on hand was shy of the 30x30” needed, so 1/2” got the nod. My wife can use it, but I wouldn’t test it myself, hah.

Cool idea though. Good Job.