Tomach PCNC 770 vs Novakon PULSAR vs Syil MILLING MACHINE X7

well i have to back track on my purchase i was pulling the trigger and did on the PCNC440 from tormach but after discussing with the Tormach people it looks like i would be better off with the PCNC 770 so while i did my research i gathered a few other machines in the same price range and would like to know how you all feel about these 3 machines i am looking at

1.Tomach PCNC 770
2.Novakon PULSAR

let me know your opinion please!!

Have you looked at Skyfire? They are a I believe a long time industrial manufacturer entering the small scale market. They are putting out some really nice looking machines with high precision and stability linear guide rails, ball screws, ATC etc. they also make custom parts for their own machines as well as Tormach etc. Their base price is competive.

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I’ll check them out. Thanks

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I am hoping I can get details on the machines listed if anyone has experience. I know a lot of people say the tormach is great and that is how I have been leaning. But I’ve her good things on the Novakon to the point that it can run faster then the tormach.

Most if not all my work will be on AL 6061 but I am looking to not have a machine that will take a long time to cut metal work. I’ve been using my Nomad for this and I need something to reduce time.