Tool Change on Startup

I am running a repeated program, so its just remove the milled part, and insert new blank part.
When i run the program it immediately homes the tool, then asks for tool change.

This is quite annoying as it wastes time and i now have to wait 30 seconds before i can continue with other stuff so i can confirm the tool change.

I am using Fusion 360. When the program ask for the tool changes it says ‘Tool change requited. Insert tool 1’.

Question : Am i doing something wrong or is this fixed default behavior. Why can Tool 1 not be the default tool so it just measure it and start cutting straight from there ?

The problem is, Carbide Motion is paranoid/pessimistic about the length of the tool — it remeasures each and every time after it has ceased to have control over the machine.

I believe that even removing the tool change line in the file won’t prevent this (though it might reduce the measurements by one).

You could use a 3rd party tool instead, list at: or

Thanks. I will check the file and see if i can delete that line.

If you select “minimize tool changes” the f360 post won’t insert it.


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