Tool changes between operations

(Michael Oakley) #1

i did a test to see what happens if a different tool is needed for a 2nd operation.
It prompts you for the tool but there is no way to zero it before hitting continue?

Is the work around to export only the gcode for the tool in the holder
Then load new gcode for the new tool?

(Richard Cournoyer) #2

(Daniel Story) #3

Not sure you are face palming because they answered their own question, but to be honest, I think it’s sad that Carbide Motion behaves this way for the Shapeoko. It doesn’t let you do anything, can’t jog the machine, can’t probe Z. Was a little annoyed to find lack of support for this when I hit the same snag.

Yes @moakley8, you end up having to use separate g-code files for each tool, to be able to do tool changes properly.

(Michael Bawden) #4

I use Meshcam and UGS for my work and create 2 tool paths in Meshcam with different names i.e. panel1R 6EM and panel1 F 2ball. I then load the roughing code into UGS and zero my spindle using the required tool (6mm end mill in this case). Once that program is finished, I load the finishing code and change the tool ( 2mm ball) and rezero the height ONLY. I then do that cut. Works like a charm, for me anyways.