Tool Database & Job Setup Issues

-Under “job setup”, “job”, there is the option to change the material and machine. I would think that by changing these two settings, it would change what tool library is defaulted when choosing your toolpaths, but it seems that these two options are meaningless.

-It would be nice to set a default tool for different tool paths. For example, I could preset an 1/8" downcut for pocket tool paths and a 1/4" compression for contours.

-When creating a new tool, the number of flutes can’t be updated

-When creating a new tool, the flute length can’t be updated, it is automatically set at .5" (ideally, an error should be triggered if the flute length exceeds the depth of cut)

-It would be nice if the user could add a hyperlink to the tool profile for ease of tool reordering

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I know in much older versions they had a lot of that. In fact the user libraries CSV files I believe still have the Website link and other stuff but when I tried to enter a web address only the Carbide3D tools would only show as a link.

I’m not sure why they took it out. I know not all the fields like tool length and other specifications were not actually used by CC and were mostly just information fields but I still liked having all the tool specifications in one place.

I would like to see a lot of that come back even if CC didn’t actually use the data, just for my own benefit.

A colored background of the field could indicate what fields CC actually used for the tool path and cutting. A light green or blue background color would be nice.



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All of those fields are still there, and they can be accessed by editing the underlying CSV — they just don’t show in the interface.

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How do you access the “underlying CSV”?

Help | About | Open Data Directory

the User-generated Tool libraries are in Carbide Create\tools

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Thank you. Because of my trip to the Carbide Create file, I also just found out that you can make your own categories and add SVG’s into the library. Mind blown. What is the purpose of the “posts” file?

I remember now that I actually tried that and put in the URL and other things but if you edit any tool in CC for the library file you changed it removes all that I had added, even tools I didn’t edit.

I’m guessing it stores the library in memory then overwrites the file when saved which deletes all the changes made to that file outside of CC.



I’m pretty sure that adding URLs is specifically disabled for unofficial tools/libraries.

posts is at a guess a placeholder for when we have user definable post processors.

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