Tool jams on bitsetter after changing bit

I just received my 5 pro the other last week. I assembled it and ran all the programs & it worked great. Once I do a tool change for the same job it starts hammering down on the bitsetter. Once support called me back it seemed to work fit (figures). After the call I started a new project and on the last last item to cut out I had to change from a #102 to a #201. I sent it to the bitsetter and it started jamming down on the bitsetter. I even removed Carbide motion from my computer and then re-installed it so I can set up everything again, but it still messed up. I am getting the red light and the green light once the bitsetter is pushed down. Can someone please help me figure this out?

The lights on the bitsetter tells you that the device itself is working. The next question is, is the signal making it to the machine control board?

If you go to the settings page in CM, there is a page that shows input signals.
You can test all 3 limit switches by placing any ferrous metal near the switch, and test the bitsetter by depressing it. If it’s not showing a signal, check the wire connections in the cable from the bitsetter back to the board.


The crazy thing is that it will work through 1 or 3 bit changes but then will mess up in the bit setter the next time. Then I will disable the bitsetter and re initialize it. Then initialize, place the bit over the bitsetter, enable it again and save, initialize again, resume for the bit change and it still hammers down on the bitsetter. Frustrated!!!

It could be a loose connection at the board. If the connector (for the bitsetter) is not properly (fully) seated you could be getting an intermittent connection issue.

Have you removed the connector, blown it out (with canned air or a good huff) and then reconnected it making sure it’s fully seated?


I agree with the above posters. You have an intermittent connection problem. The thing about electronics is it either works or does not. When you have intermittent work/not work it is usually a wiring issue. As suggested pull the connectors off and wiggle the pins to make sure you dont have a connector with a loose pin. After reinserting the connector push in on each individual wire to make sure it has a good seat on the pins on the controller.


I replied to you both is separate threads, sorry

I’m having the exact same issue. Have you figured anything out? The only way mine will start working again is if I turn everything off for about 10 minutes.

This is becoming an absolute liability. So many posts about the bitsetter not working properly. What is going on?! Mine will work without any issues and then all of a sudden decide not to work. Restarting CM doesn’t fix it, turning off the controller doesn’t fix it…until it just decides to work properly again. There’s no rhyme or reason. I literally cannot run a job without my finger on the e-stop as it measures tools. Tool changing use to work without issues, and now it can’t get past the first change.

Let us know at — it’s either the BitSetter itself, the wiring, or the electronics — we’ll do our best to work out which it is with you and work out how to get you a replacement.

I know my wiring is good. All lights come on as required. It’s just a hit or miss. I just have to b ready to hit the stop button. Maybe it’s the new bitsetters, not sure. Maybe a new bitsetter could b the answer.

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