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Is there any way to display the tool description along with the tool number on tool change in Motion?

I see the description on the Carbide 3D tool library, but not on custom looling added.



Not sure if this helps but this is my custom tool #601 which is a 1 inch Whiteside. In CC it shows the descreption of “FlyCutter” but cannot remember what it shows in CM.

number vendor model URL name type diameter cornerradius flutelength shaftdiameter angle numflutes stickout coating metric notes machine material plungerate feedrate rpm depth cutpower finishallowance 3dstepover 3dfeedrate 3drpm
601 whiteside 6210 Fly Cutter end 1 0.125 0.125 0 2 3 0.125 0 10 80 16000 0.01 1 20 80 16000

I did find the file on my iMac
Every thing looks good.

My question is does Carbide Motion only display the tool number on tool change or is there a way to display the description also?

CM does not currently support displaying custom tool descriptions (which would require to modify the post-processor to include said description in the generated G-code file that CC creates and CM reads. Not a technical issue, but lots of considerations and side effects to consider, at this point it’s not supported, last time I checked that is)

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Thanks you confirmed my guess…

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