Tool library in 451

I made new tool library in 451.The question is there a way to put tool number in numerical order after putting in without redoing the entire library. I Have tried but no good.Thanks

Easiest thing is to open the .csv in a spreadsheet or suitable tool and sort there.

Thanks for info. I can not locate the .csv file for tool library? Anyway I can still use the library just not in numerical order. I will get there eventually.Thanks!

Go to Help | About | Open Data Directory, then open the Carbide Create directory and find a carbidecreate/tools directory — custom tools are stored in that in .csv files and may be backed up or saved or transferred to another computer.

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Is there a reason why the headers in that file are mostly unitless? For example, the feed and plunge rate don’t have units. Are we to assume this to be imperial? Would be better if you’d spell out the units to avoid disasters.

Another request would be that the library within CC should allow the user to quickly toggle between metric and imperial and not force the user to select one or the other upon tool creation.

Units are specified on/for each row.

Not in my CSV file.

The metric column contains

  • 1 == metric for that row
  • 0 == Imperial for that row
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