Tool Library Question

In the older version of Carbide Create the Tool Library was all in one file. In the newer version they are broken up by Category, Hardwood, Softwood, MDF, etc. If i want to use cutter #112 for example it is listed in several categories. Since i will set the feed speed and plunge rate anyway when i use the tool does it really matter which category i select the #112 tool from.

Can i copy one of the categories to a custom category and then just use that one for everything making any corrections i need to the cutters.

Also, can i copy the tool library from one computer to another.

Yes, and yes.

The user libraries are stored in the directory revealed by

About Carbide Create | Open Data Directory

yes; I made my own library of “favorite bits” with the F&S I tend to like for those bits.
CC will save them as a CSV file in its data directory, which you can easily sync between machines; it’s just an ascii file that copies well.
(and if you’re curious it also opens in microsoft excel or google sheets)

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