Tool not raising at beginning of program

I’m trying to make a secondary waste board and at the beginning of the program when it tells me to insert tool it usually will lift up before I hit continue to start program. This time it isn’t.

What would be the reasoning?

Which machine?

Shapeoko XXL and it’s on carbide create

I ran into the same problem myself just today. Curious to know what the deal Is. Being new to CNC wasn’t sure if it’s just something I set wrong or not. I already have a secondary waste board (3/4 MDF with T tracks) in place.

This behavior depends on whether or not your CAM tool inserts a tool change command.

Carbide Create and MeshCAM should, others may not, depending on configuration and post-processor used.

The official recommendation for Shapeokos is a separate file for each tool:

It’s just a one tool program. No tool changes.

Gcode from Carbide create or somewhere else?
Is this for one file, or across all files?
Can you share your gcode? (or at least the first 25 lines or so)

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It’s just for this program. How can I actually see the gcode to send?

Went back and relooked at my stock settings. I was missing a number in the retract box. I’m not sure if this is the reason The tool won’t retract or if it’s something else.

Good point. It retracts to the safety height, and if that’s zero, then there’s no retraction.

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