Tool numbering in CC revisited

It’s been awhile since I’ve used my Nomad, I see many new carbide tools have been added to CC. It looks like I’ll have to reenter my own library with a new numbering configuration. I asked this question three years ago but the answer was questionable (by the poster!).

Mikep, in his response, “thought” the tool number could be up to four numeric digits. Its that correct? So I could preface my tools with a zero followed by the three digits I’d been using and have numbers independent of Carbide’s? (My workflow is CC to CM.)

I did not actually check, but @neilferreri knows:

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I saw that post but, as stated, it doesn’t seem to apply when CM is used. I’ve previously used numbers in the 900’s successfully.

I’ve been waiting to ask this question (in a teasing manner).
Who is responsible for reversing the naming of the 201 and 202 tools?
Was it a mistake or a conscience decision to troll your OCD customers?

Ball Mills (all end in “1” except the 1/4).

  • 1/4 202
  • 1/8 101
  • 1/16 111
  • 1/32 121

End Mills (all end in “2” except the 1/4).

  • 1/4 201
  • 1/8 102
  • 1/16 112
  • 1/32 122

In regard to the original question, I am currently using Carbide 3D’s 3 digit numbers for their tools and Amana’s 5 digit numbers for their tools. I can not use the “K” for the Amana bits as Carbide Crate does not allow non-numeric characters.

Thanks. I noticed also you cannot enter letters but can enter at least six digits. I wasn’t sure they’d be respected. I also notice I can’t lead with a zero.

Seems a reasonable enhancement were to have a “CC-Only” name for the tool and associate it to whatever under-cover-machination is necessary to work with GRBL. Then that name could have standard STRING restrictions (alphanumerics, visible special characters, spaces, any length, etc.).

If, as @Julien mentioned, the problem with GRBL is resolved in CM, I wonder what the hold-up is to opening restrictions within CC. ???

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