Tool parameter stepover changing value from library

Carbide Create v6.50

Selecting tool #102 End Mill from Hardwood library, cutting parameter - Stepover is set to 0.062. Hit OK on Edit Tool and OK on Toolpath and then go back to edit the Toolpath and select edit Tool and its set at 0.118.

Manually set cutting parameter - Stepover to 0.062 hit OK on Edit Tool and OK on Toolpath and then edit the Tool again and its back to 0.118

so Stepover is coming out of the library as one value and then getting updated to another value if selecting edit to view the cutting parameters.

Not sure I completely follow you above but builtin tools can be edited on a one time basis. The builtin tools are not able to be permanently changed. However you can create a custom tool and have what ever parameters you want. Be sure not to duplicate the tool numbers because that can cause confusion. Always give each tool a unique name.

Picture may help, concern was the value was changing

Noticed a couple other items in v6.50, that seem strange. One was a pocket path was leaving islands, backed down to v6.48 and the same tool path pocket was fine (didn’t leave islands of material).

Stepover doesn’t do anything on a contour path. Try it with a pocket path. (worked for me)
It really should be grayed out on the contour path Edit Tool dialog since it’s meaningless.
Perhaps they intended to allow multi-pass contours?? Or it’s just a generic Edit Tool dialog?

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Stepover can’t be defined in terms of a tool, save for the 3D toolpath option.

It seems to be auto-populated based on the most recent tool diameter selection (50% rounding down).

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