Tool path direction

I think it would be helpful if the tool paths in CCPro showed what direction the tool was moving. I’ve been playing with zebra wood and padauk which really don’t like cuts against the grain. An option to tell the machine which direction to cut would be nice too. I think by default it cuts right to left on contours and clock wise on pockets.

Maybe I’m missing something…

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The direction CC uses is “whatever direction gives ‘conventional’ milling.” The opposite direction is ‘climb’ milling.

CC Pro has options to choose conventional vs climb for Contour paths. It doesn’t appear to have those options for any other types of toolpaths, I think they all run ‘conventional’ milling.


Michael is correct, the contour and pocket toolpaths will go in all directions, more or less spiraling in clockwise/counterclockwise around profiles. The behavior you are looking for would be more akin to the 3D roughing strategy available in Pro.

If you can model up your project using the (3D) Modeling tab/workspace, and then use a 3D roughing toolpath to remove the majority of the required material, and then only use Contour/Pocket to clean up the walls/floors, you might like the results better.

Note: The 3d roughing toolpath moves the cutter predominantly left and right. At this time there is no option to allow that algorithm to be rotated, so you’ll always have to align your grain with a particular axis.


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