Tool path for Blum hinges?

I’m looking for a program to start with for Blum cabinet hinges with a 1-9/16 overlay. Basically just needs to cut the pocket and the pilot holes. I’m sure I can build from scratch but I figured SOMEBODY would have a carbide create file for it, and maybe be able to tell me how far from the edge I need to center the pocket?

Particular hinge model is the 39C355B.25

Thanks in advance for any help!

compact39c_install (1).pdf (1.9 MB)

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Thanks, I saw that on their site, I’m just wondering if anybody has a file built to cut them already

It’s pretty simple to do — open the PDF, make a screengrab:

Import that into Carbide Create:

Draw a copy of the largest feature at the correct size:

and adjust the embedded pixel image until things line up:

and check using other dimensions:

Then draw in the other elements:

and then assign toolpaths:

Adjust as need be to match the hardware and so forth:

Blum_hinge.c2d (152 KB)


I don’t. I use a drill and forstner. I think this would be a pretty quick design.

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This is awesome, thanks all!

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