Tool path issues

Has anyone had an issue like this? Starts running like it should then it develops a tick and starts running off center. All belts are snug and the spindle is plumb in all directions.
any advice is appreciated.

Another thing to check is the sets screws on the stepper motor pulleys. Both tight, one on the flat of the stepper motor shaft.

With the power on (so the stepper motors should hold everything in place), can you move the gantry by hand in either the X or Y direction?


Yep, either the X motor pulley setscrews (the picture shows the cut being off in the X direction, but the Y dimension remains correct) or possibly a loose vwheel (if your Shapeoko has them)


Another thing to try, as you are setting up make sure you hold your tongue properly to the right of your mouth.
Hey when I have issues I’ll try anything. LOL

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