Tool path zero point option

I would like to see Top/Right, Center/Right, and Bottom/Right added to tool path zero options. as well as the ability to switch them from +/-.

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I never really thought about this but I’ve done a couple of projects where having the zero point in the top/right corner would have been more convenient

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Might as well ask for the moon. Allow us to define a zero point anywhere, and assign them per toolpath group. That way for tiling, inlays, etc… We can move the zero point around to where ever we need it, and still keep the geometry neat without having to copy & move & sort by layers to use the static zero point.

I use a Sainsmart machine and the native zero point is in the top right corner and it uses negative coordinates from that location. Now I can zero out the x and y wherever I want but that gets tiresome to do for every job.

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