Tool/service cart suited to the Nomad?

Trying to plan ahead, and am considering arranging things so that my Nomad gets wheeled into a closet when not in use — unfortunately the closet opening is only 18" and not finding any carts which are that width when viewed from the front which are hefty enough to support things.

18" depth is a bit more common, and I’m considering:

which I’m hoping would work — it would require turning the Nomad to the side when viewed from the front of the cart, but that shouldn’t be an issue, esp. w/ the nifty new side windows.

Has anyone found anything which is more suitable?

I don’t have a Nomad but you want casters that lock in both directions. I could not see your cart linked but those usually have fixed wheels and two with a friction brake that only stop the wheel from rolling but not from swiveling. Whatever you choose you don’t want the cart swaying around. With an 18 inch base you don’t have a solid base to start with. You could add weight to a bottom shelf to make your platform solid.

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It’s in a finished basement with carpet, so I’m hoping that having only two locking wheels will work. If it’s an issue then I’ll make a pair of chocks for the non-locking wheels or clamp it against a workbench or something.

How about making one? Grab some Aluminium extrusion, bolt it together into a frame and then put some wheels in the bottom. You can get whatever dimensions you like that way.

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This company makes some decent stuff… a bit pricey though.

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