Tool Stepover aint working right for me

Changing the stopover number here doesn’t do anything for me. I’ll change it, go back and its set to the same thing. 0.118
I can’t change it. Is this a bug?

I can’t duplicate this.

Could you post the file and a screen grab of your Tool definition?

I have one tool path cutting halfway thru the material, then the second cut going all the way thru. I want the stepover larger on the first path so it does a rough pass. The second one would cut all the way thru the material, and just shave off a tiny bit of the edge of the piece. (a rough and clean pass)

It sounds like you are talking about the “depth” parameter, rather than the stepover.
Stepover is side to side, front to back, XY plane. Whereas depth is measured in Z

So if your pocket or material is 0.250 thick/deep, and you want a 0.200 cut then a 0.050 cut,
Set the depth in the toolpath to 0.250, and the depth on the tool to 0.200

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Nope. I’m talking about cutting a rough pass and then a clean pass. You get a better edge finish.

This really sounds like up & down to me.

If you want to do a rough/finish pass using stepover. CC doesn’t do that. You could create a ‘dummy’ tool in CC to do the roughing then use the actual tool to do the finish. Or you could offset the geometry for the rough path.

So let’s say you have a .25" tool with 0.125 stepover. And you want to leave 0.005 for the finish.
Create a roughing tool in CC with a 0.260 diameter. The centerline of that tool will be 0.130 away from the vector. Use the actual 0.250 tool on the machine. Then do a contour using the 0.250 tool in CC.

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I’m saying if I want to cut out a 2 inch square, I want the edge of the tool to cut a square that is 2.1" on the rough pass and then come in to 2" on the clean pass. I don’t know why this is so hard. I’d assume that’s what carbide’s “step over” would be.

I don’t want to create another tool. The tool path creation and tool selection work flows is a nightmare. This shouldn’t be that hard.

I just simply want to know why the step over isn’t working for me.

You’re thinking of depth of cut.

No, that’s not what stepover is for.

If you have a 2" square:

and if you want an 0.1" roughing clearance then create geometry which is offset by 0.1":

and create additional geometry which is offset from that by endmill diameter plus 10%:

And cut as a pocket down to tab depth:

Then select the original geometry and cut as an outside profile:

Yeah, that’s the only way I can seem to get the results I want is to create an outline and apply two different tool paths. This gets kind of muddy when you have a lot to cut out.
What the heck is the stepover option for then? it gives me the option in contour (not pocket)

Stepover controls how much the tool moves over when cutting a pocket:

If you make it a smaller value, then it will move over a smaller distance w/ each pass, requiring more passes:

Yah exactly. So why doesn’t it work in reverse? On an outside cut

Because there’s no step-over on a contour.

It makes sense that you are looking for this option but unfortunately it’s not there in Carbide Create as yet.

Stepover can’t be applied here since a profile cut is supposed to follow the line directly and so won’t have an opportunity to progressively move closer to the line.

That said, the setting you’re after is something that exists in other product’s profile toolpath options, and looks something like this (in mine):

Hopefully C3D will add this as a toolpath option in the future rather than recommend people add geometry.

This is exactly what I’ve been talking about! I used that same thing in the cut2d software on my pc. But since I switched to Mac, I can’t use that program anymore! I guess I have a way around it for now by creating an outline of all my contours. But It just seems like kind of a basic operation. I haven’t seen very many updates for carbide create since I bought my shapeoko pro xxl. Is it just one dude in his basement that’s making this program? lol

There have been a lot of updates leading up to v6 being considered done:

Next will be v7, which since it will have a new file format will have a lot of possibility.

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