Tool Storage for End Mills

Just found these on Amazon. Think these would be great for storing all my end mills.

Looks like their big enough to keep all the end mills up to the .5 inches for the V Cutter.

Can’t beat the price, $11.00 for 100 pcs with caps.

Since their all the same size would be easy to make a holder.


Don’t must end mills come in containers? I bin these all the time


Its more efficient to just make a holder out of a piece of wood so you don’t have to open a container every time you want a different endmill.

I think this is a good idea, as it allows for labelling. I’ve got so many similar looking bits that if I just put them in an array of holes in a piece of wood I’d easily get them mixed up.

I’m still learning about endmill life expectancy but protecting them from accidental contact can only be a good thing.

I was also using containers for a while but it was time consuming to use the individually packed bits.

I came up with this instead:


Very nice, this is what i ended up with until my tubes are delivered


I’ve posted this picture elsewhere but I really want to point out that you are making life more difficult for yourself if you don’t have a tool numbering system for your tool library. It makes it very easy to have pre-defined feeds and speeds in programs like Fusion and Vectric (even CC). It also provides you a check because most post processors will use the tool number at the beginning of the program, so when you load and start a program, it will usually remind you to use the correct tool number.

Therefore, my old tool holder looks like this, although I am rapidly outgrowing it and will need a bigger one soon. The lighting is too bright, but you can see that I engraved my tool numbers next to each hole.


Tool storage is done. With tubes and labels. This may not be for everyone but it works for me.
Nice and neat.




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