Tooling Storage Tip

Just a storage tip.

These are vapor corrosion inhibitor emitters (VCI), they last one to two years, and do a great job of protecting a drawer full of tooling. Not such a big deal for carbide tools, but great for squares, blocks, and other steel stuff. I’ve been using the 1" squares for years and very happy with them. Bought a bag of a few hundred of the .25" squares a while back, and they’re easier to drop into packaging and stuff like that. Amazon doesn’t have the best price around on these, but it’s an easy link. Zerust also makes a drawer liner, and various paper wraps, bags and so on. They also make a pretty cool rifle protection tube that just slips into the barrel.

In my toolboxes, silica gel is depleted in a few weeks. These keep working for at least a year in my area.


I just need a better setup to store my end mills in.

$4.00. I use this for my cheap end mills. The 10 for $10 throw-aways from amazon.