Toolpath Errors Cutting, Entering, Exiting Feedrate Larger Than Supported

I’m still relatively new to all things CNC and CAM/CAD. I have a new to me Shapeoko 3 XXL. I downloaded the machine from a user on this forumn along with the post processor file.
I keep getting the following errors in Fusion 360 when a toolpath is create.

Feature flags: setup-sheet-viewer

Warning: Cutting feedrate is larger than supported for this machine.

Warning: Entry feedrate is larger than supported for this machine.

Warning: Exit feedrate is larger than supported for this machine.

Generation completed successfully in 4800.9s.

I have tried to edit the machine parameters so this isn’t an issue to no avail. The only bit that seems off in the tool setup for the operation is the surface speed (327 ft/min) which is super high?
My cutting feedrate is around 40 in/min.

Any help would be appreciated greatly.

Do I just ignore the errors or am I going to implode the machine by it moving too quickly?

Carbide Motion is generating the flags?
What may be happening, is when you set up a tool in Fusion 360, you are setting the cutting feed rate at 40 ipm, but you are not changing the settings further down that window for entry feed rates, ramping feed rates, etc, that may be higher than Carbide motion likes.

I wouldn’t even bother with a machine configuration, but that’s where your problem is. If your CAM settings are good, don’t worry about the warnings.

Can you share your machine settings from Fusion?

Actually Fusion is generating the errors. It auto populates the entry, ramping, etc.

I’ll simulate the toolpath in Fusion, and if there’s nothing alarming about it, I’ll just run it on the machine.

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