Toolpath help for mcfly cutter

I don’t seem to know what tool path to use when using the mcfly cutter…. How do I get it to surface the whole board?

As always, thanks for the help… I certainly wouldn’t be able to any of this without help and I really don’t want to give up on this

Pretty sure there are several topics/posts about this already. I’d recommend a search

Here’s what I’d do:
Take you total range of motion in X & Y, subtract a little bit so you’re not banging into the limits.
The machine backs off 5mm when it initializes, so maybe 10mm (5mm each way)
Now add the diameter of your cutter to both dimensions.
My HDM will be 690 x 534. So I’ll go with 680 x 525. My surfacing bit is 1.5" (38.1mm), so I’ll add that to get 718 x 563.
So in CC I’d make a rectangle that size from the lower left corner of my work area, and set the zero to the lower left as well. (I don’t want to goof around finding the center of the work envelope, unless it’s already marked).
Then select the rectangle & make a pocket toolpath. I’d probably use a pretty big stepover (36mm), a shallow depth of cut (0.1mm) and the appropriate speeds & feeds for that cutter.

There’s a sample file for this sort of thing at:

I worked up a file for doing one slat at a time:

Thank you, looks like I got it set…

Thanks Will!!! Seem to have it, going to run the cut now

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