Toolpath issue - Advanced V Carve

Looking for some help with toolpathing (again). Trying to advance V carve a design that I have done many times at different scales without issue, but know part of the design is being cut out. In the pics you will see the eye on the right is being machined and then being machined over top. I cant figure it out. Can anyone shine a light on this?
Thank you

Screenshot 2023-05-16 155338
Skull Shield - WTF.c2d (1.5 MB)

This geometry has a couple of problems:

The dark regions indicate doubled up geometry:

which after deleting are still doubled up:

A further consideration is overlapping geometry:

Adjusting the geometry to address this as well still has this problem, even after the geometry has been recreated, but different geometry doesn’t:

We are putting this in as a bug report.

Thank you for the help Will. If it is any help with the reporting, I just noticed that if I use a larger bit (1/4") the toolpath and simulation turns out as expected.

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