Toolpath not as expected (bug?)

I designed this to take a 12.5mm cylinder down to a 5mm square. Due to the
nature of the part and the available order of machiningm the workholding is very
fragile hence needing very conservative stepdown and stepover.

The toolpath starts by roughing the circumference and one face. Then it roughs two more sides.
Then things go a bit wrong, it starts finishing all 4 sides before coming back and roughing
4th and final side. Luckily with such a small stepdown the par survived but I thought I
better report it.

ken-square.c2d (52 KB)

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Firstly, if you want a roughing pass and a finishing pass, you need two toolpaths. Usual approach is to have a small offset, pocket up to that for the first path, then do a Contour cut right to the final size.

Secondly, you are running into the ‘Pocketing Bug’. No ETA for a fix, only work around is too revert to an earlier version of CC.

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