Toolpath problem

Hi how do I separate my parts in this file?
In the svg file all the parts are separate when I view them in inkscape and when I view them in the but in carbide create they seem to have joined up.
I have attached an image to give an idea of what I am hoping to achieve.
Also how do I zoom in please?


Please post the SVG and C2D here, or send them to us at and we’ll do our best to puzzl this out.

Looking at the picture of the tool path, it looks like the parts are too close together for the cutter to fit between some of them. Can you space the pieces apart a bit more so that your 1/8" end mill can fit?

Also, when you import a vector file, you have the option of grouping the objects in the file. Once you do that, you can’t select them individually, but you can ungroup the selection. The tool for that is in the bottom row of the Design section.

Regarding zooming, I’ve only been able to do that with a mouse wheel, and RMB will allow you to pan the view.

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Many thanks thats done the trick perfectly.

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