Toolpath skipping causing extra time for running

I am designing a plate in CC.
On the bottom I have an inner pocket which runs as expected.
I have also created an outer pocket leaving a small ridge on the bottom of the plate on which it sets.
Anyway, there is one line of toolpath where the line is broken and causes it to rapid oddly skipping back and forth wasting time.
Picture provided…

Sorry for the irregular lines it’s late for me.

Is there a fix for this? :tired_face:

Interesting, it may be a math/rounding error bug for that specific circle diameter and tool.
Can you upload the c2d file here for a check ?
If my hunch is correct, you might be able to get rid of it by ever so slightly increasing the outer diameter (just changing the last decimal may be enough). Or alternatively decreasing the diameter of the inner circle by a hair.

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This example is 11". I had the same thing on a 6" plate as well.
Would this happen on both?
Here is the file.
6in Plate Bottom 251 Bit.c2d (14.2 KB)
11 inch below.
Second Cut Bottom Rim and center 251 & 90V then 201 cutout.c2d (21.2 KB)

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Ok, it’s definitely a bug (or limitation, at least). I was able to reproduce it using any two concentric circles when the difference in radius is exactly an integer number of times the endmill diameter. As in this example with a 2" circle, a 4" circle, and using a 1/4" endmill

As I thought, as a workaround if you just change the diameter to e.g. 4.001", then the toolpath is smooth again

but then of course there is one extra pass, that is barely visible in the preview unless zooming in a lot

I’ll submit a bug report in the beta section